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Quick question i actually want those who read this to give me an opinion of:
I've been considering to do this but i never did it because it felt like i'd be copying other micro-makers work and it didn't felt quite right so i'm asking you if, well, actually would want me to do this:
Do you want for to me, take all the current versions of the DC/Marvel characters i've done as of recently (the JL's formations, the Titans, Spidey and those who follow after) and put them in a big picture in the style of Bailey2088's and Micro266's, DCCU Heroes and Heroes of Earth Omega respectevely?
Blue Beetle (New Earth) by Hernan20X
Blue Beetle (New Earth)
Portrayed by: Daniel Radcliffe
Story: Originally from British descent, Ted Kord was raised half of his life on London, England, at the age of 10 moving onto Chicago, Illinois as his father started on expanding his company, Kord Omniversal onto the US.
Growing up, Ted was extraordinarily bright. He was good at science, business, and everything else he tried. In college, he received degrees in Physics, English Lit, and Theoretical Mathematics. He considered joining his father's business, Kord Omniversal Research and Development, Inc, of Chicago, but overall, he had no real direction, up until his father unknowingly passed away, seemingly leaving Ted at the charge of Kord Omniverasal.
One night he was called by his former college roomate, Dan Garrett, seemingly that he had information on his father's mysterious passing, telling Ted to meet him at the city's downtown area.
But when Ted gets to the meeting spot he is suddenly in the middle of a crime scene gangland fight.  The resident vigilante, the Blue Beetle was in the middle of a fight against some unknown men calling themselves the Madmen, before Ted knew what to do, a explosion was set up, fataly wounding the Blue Beetle in the processis hit by the blast.  When Ted rushes to the strangers aid he finds out it is none other than Dan.  Dan tells him that he found out Ted's Uncle Jarvis Kord was behind  the murder of Ted's father in order to gain control of the company, right before his death Dan makes Ted promise to use the magic scarab that gave Dan his powers to become the new Blue Beetle and continue his mission against crime.  Ted promises and stays with Dan while he dies in Ted's arms.
Ted went onto taking control of Kord Omniversal, while also keeping Dan's promise on continuing his mission against crime as the Blue Beetle, although unlike Dan he couldn't tap into the Scarab's powers or technology, having to rely mostly not only on technology created by himself but also on technology already on development at Kord Omniversal, like a pair of experimental shooters that would allow Ted to swing across roof tops without the need of a grapple gun, now having one at his hand's dissposal. Along with the shooters, Ted created an special lightweight costume that would enhance on his fighting skills, a unlethal weapon he dubbed the B.B Gun that would shoot blast of either a blinding flash or a wave of comprissed air that would be able of destabalizing or knocking down several grown men if needed to, his helmet which is hooked up to a neural interface that allows Ted to access a special database he created dubbed the ''Beetle Cave'' but also operate his Bug-Drones that would allow him to see crime from a far but also create special tactics for every battle he would enter, last but certainly not least, there is Ted's personal aircraft, the Bug, multipurpose solar powered beetle-shaped craft, capable of operating in air and water and built with a mobile lab, blasters, magnetic manipulators, grasping "claws" and defense shields, Ted Kord would use many of these artifacts along with the training he had as the second man taking on the mantle of the Blue Beetle.

Okay, so most of this story i have to say it's not of my own, most of it is based on :iconneedham-comics: and :iconaootwg: Blue Beetle CW concept and All-Star Blue Beetle concept which you can find on each of their own pages.
Also, a bit of a change on Ted's descendence, as he is now of British descent, let me know what you think and if i should either change it or keep it the way it is.
One last thing before i end this, as you may have noticed on the design and in the story, Ted is sporting a particular pair of very familiar wrist launchers, or should i say ''Web-Shooters''. This detail was going to be originally on Spidey's solo piece and i forgot to put it because, well, i'm a dunce, basically Ted made a prototype of what would be known as the Web-Shooters and the prototype was shown at science expos (you know, to the press and media), when he became the Blue Beetle, the prototype was announced as de-continued, then when Pete was making his own version, he based it's look on the prototype but unlike BB's which shoots, well to better understand kinda like the Symbiote suit shooter, Peter made it so that it shoots from the palm of his hand by making the iconic shooting gesture.

Credit to :iconloganwaynee: and :iconbailey2088:
Leave a comment if you favorite this, raise your opinion on anything the image contains, be it the designs or the story
If i used anything of yours, please notify me so that i can properly credit you and your work.

Okay so, i heard this not even 10 minutes ago:
Apparently, today Ben ''The Goddamn Batman'' Affleck posted a video in which we see none other than Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator, now i've heard two sides of the story: One that it's fake and Ben has an early copy of Arkham VR and that's were the Deathstroke video is from.
The other, and the one most famous, is that this footage is a Test Footage ala Deadpool, and that Deathstroke, is going to be the villain in the Batman solo movie.
Now, although i myself have my doubts about if it is from the Batman movie, which comes out in 3 years, if this is true, and Slade is the villain for the movie. I'm in, i'm freaking hyped.


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